Auto AC Service



Without regular maintenance your AC system becomes less efficient, and that means less cooling, a heavier load on your engine, or both.  Here are some indications that it’s time for air conditioning service.

  • You’re not getting as much cooling as you used to.  That could be a the result of a major problem, or a minor AC leak.
  • Your car’s performance drops noticeably when you turn on the A/C system.
  • You hear unusual sounds or notice strange smells when you turn on the AC.

Proper maintenance includes our comprehensive evaluation, with a visual examination of the compressor belt, seals, condenser fins, and electrical connections.  We’ll also check that the compressor clutch is working and that the evaporator drain tubes are not clogged. Our auto AC service also includes measuring the interior vent temperature as well as a/c pressure and vacuum tests.

Factory-schedule maintenance typically calls for replacing belts and hoses at high-mileage intervals, and they along with various seals may need replacement sooner if there’s signs of wear or aging.  Topping-off and re-charging the refrigerant (Freon) are also on an as-needed and mileage basis.




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