Drowsy Driving Tips

Drowsy Driving Tips: Staying Alert Behind the Wheel
Did you know that driving drowsy can be just as dangerous as driving drunk?
That makes it especially important to avoid driving when you are tired. In fact, AAA estimates that one out of every six accidents in the US is caused by a driver who has fallen asleep at the wheel.
 That’s why we’re bringing you a list of drowsy driving tips:

According to the CDC, the most important thing to do is to get enough sleep. Most adults need at least seven hours of sleep per day, while teens need at least eight. It is also important to understand your body and your circadian rhythm—if you normally sleep at night, driving during these hours can still be dangerous.

Recognize the signs of drowsy driving. If you are yawning or blinking frequently, if you can’t remember the past few miles, if you are missing exits, drifting, or hitting rumble strips, it is time to pull over and take a break.

Driving can also be dangerous if you have a medical condition, take medicine, or drink. Carefully understand the side effects of any prescription or non-prescription drugs you may be taking, and always read labels.

Finally, there are multiple ways to avoid falling asleep at the wheel. Roll down windows, listen to music, or drink caffeine or water. If you do feel like you may be too drowsy to drive, pull off to the shoulder or at the nearest rest stop.


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