Driving in the Rain

Slippery roads are prone to accident if we do not prepare ourselves and our vehicles well beforehand. Even the high end Audi, or BMW our shop specify in repairing and maintaining are not exempt from this case.

Here some helpful tips also help down the road:

  • Rain means slowing down below speed limit. There is no shame for doing so for your safety, especially under heavy rain and blur visibility.
  • Cruise control must be avoided during wet driving conditions. As great as it sounds to assist you on the road, it increases the chance of losing control of your vehicle in a slick spot.
  • Headlights should be on during such conditions for better visibility.
  • Hydroplaning could be avoided by driving in slower speed than limit.
  • Always remember to slow down and stay calm even when your vehicle starts to hydroplane, keep the speed low until the tires to grab ahold of the road, then apply the brakes.
  • Keep a decent distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you, and avoid hard braking is another way to not hydroplane.
  • Do not make sharp turns.
  • When the vision is not clear, it is advised to drive in the tracks of the vehicles traveling ahead to avoid unexpected collisions. Again, have control of your speed and distance.
  • Skidding is no kidding, stay calm and do not slam on the brakes, instead keep open eyes on your direction and steer the car along.

As always, feel free to bring your vehicle in for a free visual inspection!


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