Truck Transmission Repair and Service

If you’re experiencing anything unusual during shifting or notice a fluid leak it’s time to pay Allstate, your Dallas truck transmission experts, a visit.

We’re a proud member of ATRA, a network of some 2,000 transmission shops located throughout America. As members we’re held to the highest technical and ethical standards.

In order to avoid problems, transmission service should be a part of your regular scheduled maintenance. Besides inspection, testing, and adjustments, service will include a transmission fluid change and sometimes a full transmission flush is called for.

If you suspect a problem, let us take a look at it and make any necessary repairs before you find yourself stranded, maybe with a full load. Prompt attention also avoids further damage leading to much more expensive repair. We’ll check the diagnostic computer codes, test drive, and perform inspection to determine the exact problem.

Modern transmissions are complex, and there are several parts that should be replaced on high-mileage vehicles. So a transmission build is often a better choice over transmission repair. After our diagnosis, we’ll discuss all the pros and cons with you. With a transmission rebuild in our shop we’ll disassemble and thoroughly examine your trans and replace parts as needed before reassembly. We follow best practices and always replace gaskets, seals, clutch plates, and bands. Manufacturers often update parts, so you may end up with a better transmission than your truck originally had.


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