Our technicians are ASE certified and hi

Our technicians are ASE certified and highly trained in both foreign and domestic models. We have different specialists for every type of job and every model of vehicle. So whether you have a German, Asian, or US Built vehicle we have the trained staff to do the job right the first time. Some companies will tout they have the best equipment around to diagnose your vehicle. All this great equipment usually only gives you a starting point to where the problem lies. While we have the equipment, we believe the greatest asset we have is our technicians. A phenomenal technician will take what the diagnostic equipment is giving them and get to the root of the problem. If you do not find what caused the problem on the vehicle, the customer will be back several or many times until that cause is corrected. A misdiagnosed problem can lead to replacing many unnecessary parts and can cause you the customer a lot of money and time. Another great thing about phenomenal technicians is they can properly prioritize your repairs. Many times a vehicle will come in with multiple problems. If you can’t fix everything right away, a good technician will be able to tell you which repairs should be done first from a safety standpoint and also be able to tell you about how much time you have left before the other things become a real problem. Keeping your vehicle safe and reliable is a real passion of our technicians!


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