Avoid Transmission Repair in Phoenix

Simple Tips on How to Avoid Transmission Repair in Phoenix;
With Only 4 Main Points
1) Only Expert Transmission Specialists!
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All transmissions have certain inherent problems that, first, if the technician is not familiar with, could be missed during a repair or rebuild. And second, need upgrades and updates to correct factory shortcomings and also to ensure they can endure the harsh Phoenix environment they operate in. The way we maintain and perform transmission repair in Phoenix is totally different than atransmission shop would in Seattle, WA. That’s why local Phoenix experience to diagnose transmissions and related problems is so important. Our transmission specialists have a combined experience of over 70 years specifically with transmission repair in Phoenix. Our technicians are highly trained with the latest transmission industry information. We spare no expense in keeping our team current with all new transmission technologies and the best possible equipment to diagnose and repair any of your transmission problems.transmission fluid service with a new filter

transmission_service2) Regular Transmission Service and Maintenance!
At Allstate Transmission we believe in strict preventative maintenance to ensure and extend the life of our customer’s transmissions. Performing a transmission service once a year, right after the intense Phoenix summer is by far the most important thing that we can do for any transmission.

3) The Cooler Your Transmission
Operates, The Better!
Keeping transmissions cool is also a very important part of extending the life and avoiding transmission repairs or rebuilt transmissions in Phoenix. An external transmission cooleris highly recommended transmission coolers for cars and trucks on any car or truck that operates in Phoenix. The more the transmission temperature is lowered, the longer it lasts. This is especially important for truck transmissions carrying heavy loads or used for towing. These vehicles normally come with a factory installed external transmission cooler. Even so, we recommend installing a larger unit, the largest cooler that can be installed depending on the space available. The cost of the installed cooler is much less than the cost of transmission repair from overheating.

planet_gear_set_abused_transmission_part4) Do Not Abuse Your Transmission!
The last advice we can give on extending the life of your transmission is to make sure you don’t abuse it. There are a few common types of abuse that most people don’t even realize they’re doing.
The most common abuse is not coming to a complete stop in reverse before putting the transmission into drive, or vice versa. This will take its toll on several internal components, shortening the transmissions life.
Another driving style that affects a transmission is hard acceleration from a stop or going in and out of planet_gear_set_abused_transmission_part passing gear a lot under heavy throttle in cars that were designed to shift soft. Internal clutches and bands that apply when changing gears are meant to apply softly on most cars. There is a slight clutch slippage so the shifts aren’t harsh. Under heavy loads or during hard acceleration this soft clutch apply means even more clutch slippage. Transmissions are designed to raise the internal oil pressure that applies the clutches under harder acceleration. Still the clutches struggle to hold, and a transmissions life is shortened. If this is your style of driving, then we can set it up to last for you with a an upgrade or two.
Putting too heavy a load on the transmission is another common problem that affects transmission life. All transmissions are rated for a certain amount of load which normally isn’t considered by their owners. If you’re going to be using it for towing or hauling loads that the vehicle isn’t rated for, then you should look into some upgrades that can protect your transmission. Contact Allstate Transmissions for specific applications, the cost of the upgrade is much less than the cost to repair a transmission.

So, Just 4 main points on how to avoid transmission problems, it sounds simple to follow these tips, but like our personal health, most of us already know how to stay healthy, but we usually don’t do anything until we start to have a problem.
– See more at: http://www.allstatetransmission.net/phoenix-transmission-repair-section/how-to-avoid-transmission-repair-in-phoenix-az#sthash.iC0j9A9p.dpuf


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